Home Reflections (and un-posted photos)


Or I suppose “hello” since I am back in the home of the free. It has been about 2 weeks since I have returned home from Europe and while I miss the food the most I think I have lost at least 8 pounds since I came home. I do miss parts of Italy, but since I’ve only been home for a week i am still enjoying being home and seeing my friends and getting the chance to eat at my favorite restaurant IHOP (I know, I’m classy).

I wanted to go through some of my old photos – and maybe just some funny ones just for kicks – that I don’t think I ever got a chance to post and make a few comments about each one of them so I know I’ve covered all my bases. If I have already posted some of them…whoops:

IMG_8101 IMG_8102

I’m pretty sure I’ve already posted these two but I just wanted to reiterate how adorable these Easter bunnies were at the mall in Dresden, Germany ^-^ They should haver these in every mall, no every home. Talk about stress relievers.

IMG_8097¬†from the coffee shop in Frankfurt Oder near Jonas’s apartment. I took this photo because I always find myself conflicted between “i’ll sleep when I’m dead” or “I’m going to sleep forever.” There isn’t much of an in between.

IMG_8558 (1) IMG_8559 (1) IMG_8561 (1) IMG_8562 (1) IMG_8563 (1) IMG_8564 (1) IMG_8566 (1) IMG_8567 (1) IMG_8568 (1)IMG_8555 (1) IMG_8556 (1) IMG_8557 (1)10866144_10152901458923063_3199297861199343814_o

These are some photos of when I went to the Boboli Gardens (Giardino di Boboli) in Florence with Olivia and her brother Giovanni. I seem to have lost the picture, but upon walking in through the main gates of the Pitti Palace there is a main stairwell and if you walk all the way to the top of there is a small garden looking out onto the Tuscan country side and if you ever get the chance to go here, even if you only go inside for five minutes, walking to the top is a must. There are other little museums – such as the costume museum and antique chinaware museum – and a few more hills to explore but we didn’t really get the chance to visit any of those since we were so busy enjoying GRASS. After traveling through so many cities, grass was a rare citing and we laid on it for at least a solid hour just chatting which I think was its own unique way of enjoying the garden that I’m quite satisfied with.

IMG_8572 (1)

I wish I had taken more photos of these, but they are all over major European cities. There are especially a lot in Firenze. I cannot remember the name of the artist, but basically he decorates a lot of signs like these in many many creative and humorous ways. As you can tell with this stop sign.


This is an image of one of the few family dinners the four of use had РShannon, Maria, Elisa, and I Рwhere each of us made a course to contribute to dinner and I have to say they were always quite yummy and filling for a dinner made by us mediocre chefs. And yes that giant white bowl is filled with pasta.


and here is a funny photo of a potato ^-^


Here are some photos of the Bargello National Museum. I just never really found the time or motivation to go to the many museums in Florence, but when Jonas came down he did not have the desire either so I know I’m not the only one. I enjoy museums for their strange statues and their poses pretty much.

I think thats about it for now, until next time(?).